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Memory Enhancement 101

Standing Meeting

Our Experience and Application

Hi im Juniel, our experiment focused on improving memory using variety of methods. But it may not be what you think.

In order to allow for and improvement of memory we must have actively learnt the content, using mental techniques alike method of loci, acronyms and visualization of the content allow for more to be remembered.

For our experiment we had successfully drawn out a week worth of time to slowly improve our knowledge practicing on a daily basis. We took a random 100 words from a generator and attempted to memorize as much as we possibly could.

We also had implemented techniques alike exercise, improved sleep, and minor meditation. All of which are techniques that have been trending in recent media and research. 

In our experiment, we aim to investigate whether implementing a specific routine designed to improve memory can give us the result of effortless memorization. By exploring the effectiveness of this routine, we hope to determine its impact on enhancing memory acquisition, and retention. and recall beyond the use of mnemonic techniques alone achieving effortless and perfect memory.

Experiment Data - Sheet11024_1.jpg

Our Experimental Data

Over A week we had found that our Students were able to remember more and more words with more and more practice. Our students had been marked to also have increased numbers in Sleep, Exercise and some have attempted meditation. 

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